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Femap and NX Nastran Technical Support from the Regional Experts

We have been using Femap since 1994, and Nastran since 1987.  With 10,000+ pages of software documentation, efficient technical support from the right expertise matters!  We provide a fixed price for annual technical support with nominally unlimited support questions.

The right people and quality support is what makes the real difference for clients to achieve the best outcomes in the shortest time. In the strictest sense, software maintenance is about new releases and the occasional software error. These are important – but represent only a small fraction of the value that comes with engaging EnDuraSim’s specialist experience in FEA technology, support, training, formal education and professional services. We know how to apply engineering simulation technology to real engineering challenges, so support from EnDuraSim typically accesses depth and breadth of practical knowledge that extends far beyond release notes or error reports. Support often involve questions on:

* Overcoming common (and uncommon) user modelling / analysis / computing errors;
* Better techniques for operating the software;
* Technical and practical engineering issues;
* Understanding the best analysis discipline to address the engineering;
* Methods to extend (or rationalise) the physics being represented;
* Ways to improve the overall efficiency (thus, ROI) of the simulation process;
* Advancing analysts’ competence/experience level;
* Understanding what situations and physics can be effectively addressed by simulation and finite element analysis.

EnDuraSim’s quality of support is a distinguishing character of the interaction we have with our clients. Amongst the day-to-day pressures of clients needing to achieve their own results, our aim is to make simulation a productive, enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The Simulation Specialists.