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We offer a range of services to help educate your staff:


Training in the proper application of finite element analysis software is essential to a company’s and individual’s success. With EnDuraSim’s depth of practical engineering simulation expertise, the acceleration of return-on-investment through training should never be underestimated. Situations commonly arise where even long-term CAE software users discover superior techniques and features after having completed training. Training is focused on maximising user productivity with a combination of theoretical and (primarily) hands-on workshop application of the software.
Open to all engineers and managers is a practical FEA course that is focused on the techniques and traps of simulation, with less focus on any specific software package.  This course is directed at those people who must manage and understand FEA, its capabilites and limitations.  The software content of this training course is only to highlight critical aspects of quality analysis, which are common to any mechanical/structural simulation, irrespective of the FEA package used.  The course covers similar material and processes that would be used by EnDuraSim when auditing other analysts’ models and results, to understand the quality and accuracy of the work performed.
Courses are also offered for the CAE software tools EnDuraSim supports – Femap with NX Nastran, plus associated advanced solutions (Dynamics, Nonlinear, Thermal, Advanced Non-Linear, Optimization and Flow), DesignLife for durability simulation, Moldex3D for injection molding, and Integrated Engineering’s electromagnetic solvers.Courses are run regularly and open to the public. They can also be tailored specifically to a company’s requirements, and run onsite at the company location. Whether the training is public or in-house, some time is dedicated to “user requests” of simulation activities relevant to each attendee.

Analyst Mentoring

In addition to education by way of attending a course, EnDuraSim offers ‘Analyst Mentoring’ to accelerate the effectiveness of new analyst staff. Engineers sit alongside EnDuraSim staff (offsite or onsite) whilst performing a company project requiring simulation. More than software training, analyst mentoring focuses on simulation techniques, practical methodologies, and tips/tricks/traps for designers/analysts in a real working environment – without taking company staff resources off-line. We suggest this activity be performed in blocks of week(s), but will engage according to customer requirements.

For further details on EnDuraSim’s training options, dates and locations, please contact EnDuraSim in Australia on 1800 FOR FEA (1800 367 332), from all other locations phone +61 2 9484 7837.