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Discover FEMAP, the multi-purpose
industry standard in structural, mechanical,
thermal and fluids finite element modelling and analysis.

Our Femap training courses focus on
maximising user productivity by combining
theoretical and hands-on teaching methods.

Welcome to EnDuraSim: Expertise for FEA, Femap and Nastran

Comprehensive Cost-effective Computer-Aided Engineering

EnDuraSim helps its clients achieve real improvements in engineering outcomes, through the practical application of world-leading simulation technology (FEA, CAE). If you are new to computer aided engineering, its return on investment in diverse fields of engineering is substantial, through reducing or eliminating physical trial-and-error prototyping in a build, test and re-build cycle of product development.


FEA Consulting Services

Our FEA services expertise has been applied to engineering projects on four continents: from stadiums in South Africa, through to mining equipment in Norway and rail projects in South Asia and Australia. EnDuraSim experience has been applied to the design of trucks, buses, mining mills, rail vehicles, motor-homes, building structural assemblies, tanks, industrial equipment and machinery. Our specialty expertise has been applied to expert witness insight into investigations of critical equipment failures.


Femap, Nastran and General FEA Training

EnDuraSim’s focus on simulation technology allows us to guarantee the value our clients receive from our training and analyst mentoring. This has been derived from 25+ years’ experience with Nastran and 20+ years experience with Femap.  Our clients can rely on the satisfaction we gain by saving every analyst weeks of self-learning for each training/mentoring day they attend.  The process is centered on helping people understand the principles and practices of simulation and (most importantly) understand the essential practical techniques that make a real difference in achieving successful and optimal engineering outcomes.


Femap and Nastran Technical Support

EnDuraSim is dedicated to ensuring that its clients receive maximum value from our software, our training, our support and our decades of experience in applying engineering simulation to real industry challenges. Our clients range from the likes of Boeing Defence and Bluescope Steel, through to Universities, SME manufacturers and single-person engineering consultancies. We pride ourselves in providing maximum value and depth of support, no matter how large or small our clients are. Technologies from industry leaders such as Siemens PLM (and others) ensure that our clients can rely on robust, proven and innovative products, which are enhanced by the essential value-add of our skills in this field.  Our clients are never alone in the quest to deliver superior solutions for themselves and their customers.

Clearly, the value of simulation is maximum for those companies whose products or processes are high-value, high-volume and/or high in complexity – traditionally rockets, planes and cars. However, constant advances in software and computing technology continue broadening the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of simulation for almost every imaginable engineering application.


Please contact EnDuraSim to understand whether your organisation can benefit from the application of simulation technology and expertise to your engineering challenges.

In Australia phone 1800 FOR FEA (1800 367 332) from all other locations phone +61 2 9484 7837.

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