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ADINA premier simulation for advanced analysis, is widely used in industry and academia to solve the most difficult problems in solids & structures, heat transfer, fluids, electromagnetics, FSI (fluid structure interaction), CFD and Multiphysics.

Now available through EnDuraSim as standalone advanced analysis capability, ADINA powered SOL601/701 via NX Nastran’s “Advanced Non-linear” solution. Thus, EnDuraSim has 15 years’ ADINA solver experience to rapidly accelerate analyst productivity in ADINA non-linear simulation.

ADINA is also perfect as an add-on to FEMAP for analysts who wish to use ADINA as their sole FEA solver or to otherwise conduct advanced projects beyond the mild limits of Nastran standard non-linear capability. Femap’s existing inbuilt SOL601/701 interfaces and ADINA’s direct Femap interface & results output make FEMAP and ADINA Structural workflows perfectly designed to achieve streamlined project outcomes.

Incremental structural non-linear capability includes:

  • Large motion general 3D contact and large rotation rigid elements
  • Explicit transient solver for high speed impact and crashworthiness
  • Material failure (element removal) for full collapse and superior ultimate load analysis
  • Element birth/death for sequential construction/assembly analysis
  • Multi-case bolt pre-load for accurately represented tightening sequences
  • Large strain (true vs engineering) plasticity and hyperelasticity
  • Sub-modelling for non-linear analysis
  • Multiple convergence / solver settings to assist unstable initial conditions and challenging non-linear physics
  • Restarts between static and transient analyses; implicit and explicit solvers
  • General time based loading to perform multiple load sequencing
  • Additional material representation for brittle materials, concrete, soils, composites and glass

ADINA options are also available for:

See ADINA Products for full technical details or contact EnDuraSim for details and pricing.

And finally, great technology delivers maximum value when supported by people with focused, dedicated expertise. With 25+ years direct Femap experience and 15 years of ADINA experience, our in-depth expertise is incomparable in Asia Pacific.  EnDuraSim provides high quality Femap, Nastran & ADINA training & technical support, FEA Consulting, plus useful tech tips and productivity APIs.

Contact us on 1800 FOR FEA (1800 367 332, or +61 2 9484 7837 from outside Australia) to discuss your requirements.