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Femap File Preferences Recommendations

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Vernon McKenzie

Vernon is a Finite Element Analysis industry specialist, with 25+ years engineering and FEA expertise.

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Tony Fares - December 12, 2017

Thanks Vernon,

This is very useful.
Is there a way of making the “zoom” using the mouse wheel faster?
There is something under “User Interface”–> “Wheel Factor for Dynamic Planes” but it seems to do nothing.

Tony Fares, CPEng
Engineering Dynamics Consultants Pty Ltd
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    Vernon McKenzie - December 17, 2017

    Not that I am aware of within Femap, but you can control this via the Windows Control Panel.
    If you choose the Mouse item and then go to the Wheel tab, you can adjust the effect/speed of wheel scrolling there.
    Note that a special mouse or a proprietary mouse driver may have an equivalent setting reached via an alternate method.

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