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EnDuraSim has decades of practical experience applying FEA simulation technology to real engineering challenges.

Simulation delivers the greatest return on investment when organisations adopt it as early as possible in the design engineering process, thereby achieving superior insights into multiple solution options. However, simulation can provide a valuable return on investment in numerous stages of the engineering process, from optimisation of new designs, through to investigation of failures.


EnDuraSim can assist by:

* Performing outsourced engineering simulation for organisations that do not have in-house analysts or technology;
* Applying simulation to specific projects, to quantify the return-on-investment for organisations that are evaluating in-house analysis resources;
* Taking on simulation workload when an organisation has a capacity shortage in their existing simulation environment;
* Advancing simulation to more complex disciplines than those currently practiced within the organisation;
* Training and/or mentoring analysts when they start applying simulation to real projects;
* Assisting organisations who wish to include engineering and/or simulation in a “global delivery” strategy, and
* Providing engineering expertise and senior level management for complete projects where simulation is a central component of the design process.


EnDuraSim’s core discipline areas of expertise include:

* Static linear structural and mechanical stress analysis;
* Natural frequency, frequency response, random and shock spectrum analysis;
* Transient vibration and transient load measurement/analysis;
* Structural optimisation in static and dynamic loading environments;
* Durability assessment associated with the situations described above;
* Non-linear static analysis including buckling, contact and moderate strain;
* Non-linear static/transient analysis including high strain, short duration impact conditions;
* Steady state and transient thermal analysis including conduction, convection, radiation; coupled flow/thermal and thermal stress;
* Simulation automation and knowledge capture, and
* General mechanical/structural engineering, testing and design expertise for projects of applicable scale.

Example Projects:

These are a small sample of the dozens of advanced simulation projects EnDuraSim and its staff have conducted in numerous industries, engineering disciplines and countries:
* Non-linear elastic / plastic buckling analysis of aluminium facade fins for FIFA 2010 stadium in Durban South Africa
* Rotating structure, bolt, weld and fatigue analysis of mills, digesters and other critical high-value mining / industrial process equipment
* Buckling simulation of polymer water tanks
* Stress / fatigue analysis of railway air conditioning equipment to BS7608
* Elastic / plastic simulation of rail wheel anti-derailment guard
* Stress / contact analysis of monorail switch beam
* Re-design and analysis of monorail bogies (stress, BS7608 fatigue, weld design)
* Rollover simulation of earthmoving equipment occupant protection structure
* Thermal and mechanical simulation of rail wheels to AAR S-660 and UIC510-5 standards
* Thermal and mechanical simulation of copper production equipment
* Full vehicle simulation (stress & modes) of a motorhome
* Expert witness reports on critical equipment failures (rotating equipment; vehicle attachments; accident re-construction)
* Flow and thermal flow simulation in fluid valves
* Transient simulation (for fatigue assessment) of railway freight wagon
* Audit of GRP manifold analysis
* Automation of simulation process for glass panels

CAD & CAE Consulting

EnDuraSim believes providing excellent service is as much about the people as the world class technology it offers. Experience and passion for doing quality work always makes the difference, no matter what the technology. Organisations can be confident to engage with EnDuraSim professionally, and effectively.