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Femap with NX Nastran:  Simulation for Mechanical, Structural and Thermo/Fluids Engineering.

Simulation enables better decisions to be made more efficiently.  Simulation allows slow and expensive design-test-redesign cycles to be minimised (sometimes eliminated), which provides a compelling ROI in many areas of engineering,

We believe Femap with NX Nastran provides the best combination of comprehensive, cost-effective simulation for all sizes of engineering businesses.  Robust, industry-proven technology which originated from NASA’s Apollo Space Program is now available in a way which is surprisingly affordable, without compromising on in-depth industrial capability.

Standard capability includes:

  • Linear and non-linear static solutions
  • Non-linear transient
  • Natural frequency analysis and basic frequency response
  • Eigenvalue and non-linear buckling
  • Steady-state and transient thermal, including conduction, convection & radiation with shading and view factors
  • Efficient inertia relief (static analysis of unconstrained structures)
  • Plasticity, hyperelasticity, creep, stress intensity
  • Contact and gluing defined by geometry
  • A raft of property and element types such as composites / layups, springs, bushes, welds, beams, masses, gaps, slide-lines, constraint equations
  • Full control over all aspects of geometry, mesh and modelling details
  • Multi-core multi-cpu (SMP) NX Nastran solver
  • Serious engineers toolkit of results data, extraction and visualisation
  • Superb collection of geometry creation and editing tools directed at optimum mesh for every occasion
  • Superb collection of geometry and solver interfaces to work with your CAD or analysis of choice
  • Excellent Macro and API programming to extend user productivity above and beyond.

Other options are available for Advanced Dynamics, Advanced Non-linear, Fluids/Thermal, Optimisation, Aeroelasticty and Rotor Dynamics.

And finally, great technology achieves maximum value when supported by people with focused, dedicated expertise.  With 25+ years direct Femap experience and 30+ years direct Nastran experience, our in-depth expertise is incomparable in Asia Pacific.  EnDuraSim provides high quality FEA Consulting, Femap & Nastran training & technical support, plus useful tech tips and productivity APIs.

Contact us on 1800 FOR FEA (1800 367 332, or +61 2 9484 7837 from outside Australia) to discuss your requirements.